Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1:
One of the things I most enjoy about being a mommy to a little one again is all the cute preschool stuff! Its so much fun I just love it!! I actually woke up friday morning a little giddy because I was so excited about going to the mother's day tea with Georgie at her preschool :-) Georgie was really excited too! She was so sweet when she woke up. She kept telling me over and over "mommy, I have a surprise but I can't tell you". So cute!

When we arrived at school the kids did chapel. The director read a cute story about mother's day and then our tea party was to begin. Georgie was so proud and happy to take my hand and lead me into her decorated classroom. The kids sang a few songs then G presented me with her gift; a flower and bead necklace made by Miss G herself. Then G's teacher read to us the Love You Forever book. I must admit that although I find it odd and slightly disturbing, it still makes me teary eyed. We had strawberry tea, pastries and fruit and chatted a bit and all the while G smiled and me and held my hand and said over and over "happy mother's day mommy. I love you".

After the little tea party they had outside play time. As is usual, G collected leaves and sticks and other little treasures. She usually hands them to me to hold but this time she didn't. When we got in the car to leave I noticed that she had some stuff in the pocket of her dress. I tried to get her to dump it out and leave it there at the school but she was insistent that she needed to bring home her "collection". Luckily I was able to find a ziploc bag in my car. I was pretty shocked to see how much stuff she'd accumulated! My silly girl.
Such a wonderful way to start the weekend.

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