Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow
This past weekend we caught a local showing of The Wizard of Oz at the Grove theater in Upland. The sets and costumes were nice but overall it was a fairly amateurish performance. No matter, Georgie really enjoyed it. She's never seen the movie but we've read an abridged version of the book several times. It was a good experience for her to see the story that we've read come alive on the stage.

At first I wasn't really sure if she was enjoying the show. She was very quiet and quite intent. At the intermission she looked up at me with this HUGE smile on her face and said "I really love this show mama!" Her favorite part? The giant flowers in Munchkinland :-)

One of the fun things about going to these local shows is that the actors almost always come out after and take pix with the kids. As usual, G loved that part!

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