Thursday, April 26, 2012

Princesses at the Castle
Almost 2 yrs ago, a friend told me about this cute event conducted annually at the Kimberly Crest House in Redlands. It sounded so fun and just perfect for my princess loving girl. Although I called right away the tickets were already sold out. Last year I didn't even try to get tix because we had a prior commitment for the day it was scheduled. Ugh. Finally, this year we were able to go! For even more fun we invited two of G's little friends (and moms) to come along.

What a fun day!!!

There were girls dressed in princess and fairy clothes and a special visit with Snow White. The grounds of the home are very pretty and large. G had great fun playing games, listening to princess stories, having her face painted and getting beautifully twisted balloons. After the  fun and games the girls entered the home in groups where they made their way through the historic rooms which had been decorated with all sorts of princessy stuff. Once they made it to the front door each girl was announced and then came G's turn... "Introducing Princess Georgiana from the house of Crowell" (of course both names were mispronounced but whatevs) At that point one of the house princesses took G's little hand and led her down the steps to the applause of her loyal subjects (you know, me and all the the other mamarazzi that were waiting at the bottom frantically snapping photos).

So cute!

It was really quite warm that day but I don't think G cared. As long as she's sporting a princess dress, its all good to her. According to G, being announced and walking down the steps was the best part of her day. She really felt special.
As soon as we arrived, G found her first photo op!
G was the only girl I saw who was dressed as Snowy. The girls' clothing choices ran the full gamut including simple sundresses, fancier Easter style dresses, elaborate full length ball gowns and Disney princess style dresses like G wore.
 A princess on her throne :-)
This pond area was really pretty and G spent a good amount of time being entertained by the turtles, frogs and fish there.

 Proof of my presence at the event, LOL
 Finally the big moment arrived, the introduction of Princess Georgiana!

There was a raffle and amazingly, we won! It was just an inexpensive dress up trunk and some plastic jewelry but G was THRILLED beyond belief. I never win anything so it was kind of fun for me too :-)
 At the end of the event we were able to snag a photo with all the Kimberly Crest princesses. Fun!
As much fun as dress up and everything was, I'm pretty sure that to G the best part of the day was hanging out with her friends!

I think we'll definitely have to sign up for this one next year!

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