Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Busy, busy, busy
Friday night was Family Fun Night at G's school. It was a luau theme which included yummy hawaiian food. Mmmmmm. It also seemed to necessitate the wearing of hawaiian attire :-) Fortunately, we were able to borrow a cute little grass skirt from a friend for the event! G looked adorable and had lots of fun dancing around with her friends and watching the show which included drum music and different kinds of island dancing.

Saturday was a Mama and Georgie day at Disneyland! I was a bit hesitant to visit DL on a Saturday. I normally don't because of the crowds. But, all the lower APs were blocked out and it was after spring break and before summer. It seemed safe. Well, my analysis paid off, it wasn't too crowded at all! Plus the weather was fantastic! We had lots of fun that day. First at DL for Pirates, Pooh and Haunted Mansion then off to Calif Adventure for Disney Jr, Monsters, and G's absolute fav ride ever Soarin'!
 No visit to DL is complete without at least one spin on the carousel.
I'm constantly amazed that there are parts of the parks we've never visited. This time we spent about an hour on the Wilderness Creek Trail and were lucky to come across Russell from one of my favorite disney movies Up.
G, being the task minded person that she is, was very interested in the trail map activity. You're supposed to make your way through the trail completing tasks along the way. Each time a task is completed you get to scratch that number off your map. G took this very, very seriously and was actually quite pleased with herself when she received her sticker at the end! I love watching her become the person that she is. So interesting :-)
Sunday we had an errand to run at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. I'm really not much of a mall person. Too cheap I guess :-) nothing much more than Target, Kohl's and Walmart for me but WOW! that is some mall! Fancy schmancy. They had a home and garden show going on and one of the displays was this beautiful butterfly arrangement made with flowers and seeds reminiscent of the floats in the Rose Parade. So pretty!

And then, just like that, the weekend was over. Sigh.

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