Monday, April 09, 2012

Mom and Son date night
After a big day with G and a quick nap, I was on to a big night with Brett. Last year I saw Rock of Ages at the Pantages with my mom and just loved it!! So funny. All the 80s references were such a crack up, I thought Bobby would enjoy it. When it came up on our California Theatre subscription I was super excited for us to go. I planned a pre-show dinner. We were set!!!

Screeeeeeeech!!! That's the sound of my big plans hitting the skids when I found out that Bobby had to work. Bummer. OK, next plan... Brett as replacement :-)

It turned out to be a great night. We did a yummy dinner at Flemings and then hit the show. Yes, some of the extremely funny to me 80s references were somewhat lost on him but overall he really enjoyed the show and it was nice to spend some quality time with Brett. Its very rare that we get to do that and something I'd like to try to make more time for in the future.

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