Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fireman Birthday Party
Now that G is in preschool, it seems that we're on the birthday party circuit. Nearly every weekend brings another birthday party (or two or three). No matter the theme or how grand or simple, G always loves them! This weekend's party was for James who was turning 4. He had what I thought was a great theme for a little boy; fireman. They had a jumper but the big entertainment was a visit by the Upland Fire Dept. They let the kids get in the truck, try out the headphones and then, the big thrill was using the fire hose. So cute!

Here's G checking out the cab of the truck with one of her little buddies. As you can see she's holding his hand. G loves to hold hands with all her little friends. Its so stinking cute.
Each of the kids got a chance to work the fire hose. They were supposed to be aiming at the curb of the street but most of them seemed to zap the truck parked in the driveway of the house across the street. I'm sure the owner was thrilled... NOT!

 Gratuitous photo ops around the fire truck.

 Another great pose from G. It seems more cowgirl than firegirl but whatever.
Super fun!

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