Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Bunny Choo Choo
Since Georgie had the day off from school it seemed like the perfect time to make what has become our annual pilgrammage to Irvine Regional Park for their Easter Eggstravaganza! G loves this place. I do too actually. Its low key. It was a work day (well you know for everyone who wasn't playing hooky that is ;-) so my mom joined me in lieu of Bobby. It was great! G played some silly games, we rode the train to nowhere, participated in the egg hunt, visited with the bunny, and then called it a day.

G loves playing these little carnival games. What she lacks in skill she makes up for with enthusiasm. As you can see that ring is going nowhere near the bunny's ears but, whateves! you still get a prize.
This made G's third visit with the bunny this year. She never tires of this activity. This one was a bit different in that it talked to the kids... or rather "she" talked to the kids. Interesting.
No visit would be complete without a ride on the train. No peacock sightings this time (perhaps its too cold for them??) but still quite pleasant.
G had a grand ole time at the egg hunt. The have it broken down by ages. G was still in the 2-4 group. I suppose next year she should move up to the 5-7 group. Sigh.

Anyway, having done the Eggstravaganza we moved onto lunch at Miguel's in Corona. Yum!!!

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