Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring Sing
It feels like it was only yesterday that I posted about G's Christmas Sing and now, BAM!!! we've moved right on to Easter. What the heck! I'm not even sure where the time goes...

As always, Georgiana was super excited to be doing a performance. She really is quite the little ham. We videotaped part of it but my main goal was to capture on film the way her face lights up after completing each and every song. I'm pleased to say that I did it!!! Its not the clearest pic I've ever seen but it will have to do. (its the first one below) Seriously, how cute is that?? She's very, very serious during the songs and tries hard to get the words right and all the hand movements. Then at the end she's just so darned happy and tickled with herself and she breaks out in this huge smile. Its adorable! I realized at the end of the performance that I didn't even look for one second at a single other kid. They could have all been picking their noses or on fire and I probably would not have noticed. I just love watching my sweet little girl.
After the show with Prince Daddy who got off work and then drove like a demon to get there just in time.
and with her teacher, Mrs Davis.
And then like that, the day was over and Spring Break had begun! A whole week with no school. What adventures will it bring??

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