Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vacation Day 12: Homeward Bound
I awoke to find that the unthinkable had occurred. Our vacation had just about come to an end :-) To my disappointment, I woke up early. The combination of no soft water, a little bit of sunburn and some mosquito bites has left me ITCHY! So itchy that I woke up scratching a few times. Ugh. No fun!

We figured we’d avoid the throngs of people who would certainly be trying to get breakfast from the buffet and enjoy the dining room instead. This turned out to be a good call because there was hardly anyone there. Yeah for us! I ordered what will most certainly be my last calorie laden breakfast for many, many months: eggs benedict with a little extra hollandaise and a side of lox. Oh, and a had a cinnamon roll too (it was just a little one :-) OMG!! Fantastic. At that point there was no use in denying it, the cruise was over. The only thing to do was to sit and wait for our debarkation number to be called. Carnival, at least at the Tampa port, does a great job of this and managed to have us off the ship by 9:30am. Our flight wasn’t until 3:20pm so we stored our luggage and went to the Tampa Aquarium which is literally right across the street, and only a 30 second walk, from the Carnival terminal.

This aquarium was so interesting. It was this HUGE school of fish that swam around and around and around in the tank. When the sharks or rays swam through they'd alter their course just enough to avoid them then immediately return to their original swim pattern. They had seats there in front of the tank and people were watching them forever. It was actually somewhat hypnotic. Odd.

As usual G was excited to have her picture taken in front of and sitting on every single fake animal display. I thought her idea to pose with and imitate the shark was a crack up.

Hanging ten!!

What a nice little aquarium it is and so much better than just hanging out in the airport for 5 hrs. After about 3 hrs there it was time to head to the airport.

By the time we got our many bags checked in, went through security and grabbed some sandwiches for the plane –Southwest serves no food and it would be a total of 8 hrs on the plane—it was almost time to board.

As I’m typing this we are on the plane coming back and about 5.5 hrs into our flight home (no deplane but two stops: Birmingham and Vegas) and I’m now looking forward to being home, seeing my cats, taking a shower with soft water and sleeping in my own bed.

Great vacation though!!!

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