Sunday, March 11, 2012

Luck o' the Irish
What is it with Hello Kitty? Its popularity never seems to wane. G latched on to this little tshirt she found at wal-mart for like 5 bucks and I was thrilled to have found something she liked for St Patty's Day so easily.

Although she generally still likes what I choose for her to wear, she is becoming more outspoken about her style choices. Example: for pix I liked the tshirt with the pants and gold shoes, she wanted a tutu and no shoes. She was good with a compromise, we'd start with whatever she wanted then do a few the way I wanted. As it turned out, the only pose I ordered was one with the tutu. It makes sense :-)

I was also given fairly detailed directions on her hair: 2 ponies, braided, with clippies at the top and the bottom. No problem baby, just the way you requested...

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