Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Vacation Day 11: Sea Day #2
After four action-filled port days in a row we were exhausted! We slept in late and hit the dining room for breakfast about 10 mins before it closed. I learned something… if you show up right before closing you get REALLY fast service :-) The rest of the day is a bit of a blur. G went to the kids club off and on for activities she found interesting. We wandered around the ship and found a few clubs and spots we had no idea existed. When I think about it, it’s kind of amazing we were still finding new places since, between the two cruises, we’ve spent almost two weeks on that ship and it’s not THAT big. We also fit in a nice nap and some balcony relaxation time :-) and, of course, packing. Yuckums.

One of the highlights of the day was G’s participation in the talent show. It was a small thing but so cute! Each kid who wanted to could go up and do pretty much whatever they wanted. With the help of one of the camp counselors, I assume, G chose to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle”. I was really impressed! Not so much with her singing ability, which was a typical 4 yr olds rendition, but in the fact that she walked up on the stage with great confidence, answered “California” in response to the question from the MC of sorts about where she was from, took the microphone and clearly sang her little song! Truly, adorable. If I figure out a way to put a video on here, I will.

Since almost everything is packed, dinner in the dining room is much more casual but the food was still great! Bobby went large with frog legs, soup, chicken breast with pasta AND bacon mac and cheese! OMG!!! I decided to go out with my own bang enjoying shrimp and prime rib! And, to top it off, two warm chocolate melting cakes please. I conserve (and rationalize) by only eating a portion of each thing I order. I wish I could just order certain things from certain meals but with Carnival that’s not really a possibility so there’s a lot of waste. G hit the kids club for the final time and Bobby and I perused and finally chose pictures from the dozens of professional ones they take during the trip.

We wanted to do the show but it wasn’t starting until 10pm and that was definitely going to be too late for G so we skipped it. I wanted to spend our last evening sitting on the balcony but traveling north it was getting a little cold and the wind was kicking up a lot of mist. I was also super tired so I called it a day but apparently Bobby sat out on the deck for quite awhile enjoying the sound of the waves.

Hard to believe but it was another great day!!!

Tomorrow: Travel home

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