Monday, March 12, 2012

The mouse house, again??
We got back on a Sunday but didn't need to work until Wednesday. The weather report said it was going to be in the 50s and it was a few weeks until schools started their spring breaks... uh, sounds like a perfect Disney day to me!!!

Bobby was convinced it was going to be uncomfortably cold but I knew better. Cold days are the best days at DL. It was a Magic Morning day which means resort guests can get into the park an hour early. Bobby took a chance, flashed the premium pass and they waved us through!! Not sure if thats supposed to be a perk or not but hey, it worked :-)

True to form, G walked in and immediately began asking me to take her picture next to things she found interesting including this canon. As I hoped and expected, it was a very uncrowded day. Unfortunately the only thing there seemed to be a line for was the Rapunzel meet and greet. I braved the 40 minute line (while Bobby took G on some rides) so we could see Rapunzel herself. Normally I would never wait in a line that long but G was wearing her Rapunzel dress and it she really wanted to see her. I was hoping for Flynn too but the CM manning the line said he was "out with Maximus." Oh well, what can you do??

We finally made our way to the front of the line and G visited with Rapunzel for a while. It was a nice little visit. Rapunzel told G that they looked like twins, they twirled some. G reminded her that she'd been at her birthday party :-) It was super cute! When our visit came to an end, we walked through the exit. As the door closed behind us, who came walking past??? None other than Flynn Rider himself. Shoot!! We missed him by seconds. This required quick thinking on my part... think, think, think...and then I remembered! I was once told that Flynn kept Rapunzel's tiara in his satchel... so I excitedly hollered out to the back of his head "hey! do you happen to have that tiara with you?" He stopped cold in his tracks, slowly turned and gave us what I'm pretty sure was "the smolder" and said "yes. I do." GOT HIM!

We did the Jungle Cruise. We actually had one of the more entertaining boat driversAfter that G wanted to head over to Calif Adventure... she was dying to ride Soarin'. We stopped by the Cars on the way. G broke out one of her fabulous posesI took G on the carousel while Bobby rode Screamin'. Don't you love her fake over enthusiasm in this shot? TSM had a relatively short line --20 mins--so we decided to wait. We caught the Disney Jr show which, oddly enough, we've always missed in the past. Georgie loved it! She danced and sang along to Manny, the Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Then we found SullyJake!and Manny! At that point we decided to call it a day. It was dinner time which also means rush hour. Rather than get on the freeway we figured we'd get a bite to eat in Downtown Disney. We ended up at Tortilla Joes. Pretty good actually but really pricey. Seriously $15 for a burrito?? They had a balloon guy there who was awesome with the Disney creations. G picked her current fav, Little Mermaid. And then, we were really done.
As we walked to the car I was surprised to see how many people were coming in. I was confused at first but then it clicked... the next day was Leap Day and Disney was running its "One More Day with Disney" promotion where the park was going to open at 6am and be open 24 hours. That's right, only 8pm the night before and the crowds were beginning to form. Eeek! Made it out just in time!

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