Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet and Sassy Tea Party
Living Social had a fun little deal a few months back... for super cheap you could do a mother daughter tea party with princess makeoever. Sounded like fun! We were lucky to have our friends Sophie and Paula join us recently to use the vouchers.

G was super excited at the prospect of a dress up but still wanted to wear one of her easter dresses. Ok.
When we arrived at Sweet and Sassy we found that what we'd actually booked was a private party for the 4 of us. Neat! First the girls got to choose their favorite dress from the princess wardrobe. Sophie went with Ariel and G chose Aurora.

The mini makeoever included a very light dusting of make up...

polished nails...

and hair

Georgie was very pleased with the results!

They had this little cabinet area where the girls could choose all the rings, beaded necklaces and other accessories they wanted.

Finally, the makeover was complete! Two pretty little ladies (check out Sophie's shoes... they're on the wrong feet :-) had their pix taken.

They then provided the girls with wood frames to decorate with stickers and ribbon

After all that hard work it was time for a snack: turkey and cheese sandwiches, grapes, carrot sticks and mini cupcakes! And of course "tea" aka lemonade.

G was very enthusiastic about the snack!

Especially the chocolate mini cupcakes

Sadly, the tea party came to an end all too soon. The girls received their pictures framed in the wooden frames they decorated as a souvenier of a fun afternoon!

What a great and very inexpensive outing that turned out to be!

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