Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yeah Casey!
He's been working really hard this semester and, fortunately, it completely paid off... straight As!!! Yes! I'm so proud of and happy for him. Good job son! The good news just kept on going... Casey was also able to find a research assistant position with one of his professors. Woohoo!

Since Casey is home for his spring break I figured it was a great time to finally have him get a professional picture done. I have a wall of large photos in my entry that include a few family photos of the five of us and then three very large photos of G all by herself. We definitely needed to add some individual photos of the boys. Brett had his done awhile ago and now it was Casey's turn. He was absolutely thrilled to go down and have his picture taken (NOT!!!!) but went along with it anyway.

Ahhh, so handsome!

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