Monday, March 26, 2012

St Patty's Day preschool party
Georgie's preschool teacher, Mrs Davis, really enjoys St Patty's day activities! Her enthusiasm was infectious and, as a result, G was super excited about the day! Mrs Davis asked all the parents do their best to get the kids to school right on time. When they walked in to the classroom they found it was perfectly neat and picked up. Everything was tidy and in its place. After just a few minutes it was library time so off we went. While we were gone, what do you know??? the leprechauns had been up to no good. The kids returned to the room to see the results of their shenanigans; the room had been tossed!!! Toys were scattered and things were out of place...
from the little green footprints on the floor, it was clear who was to blame... LEPRECHAUNS!!!

Quickly, Georgie ran to the table to see if her leprechaun trap had successfully caught one of the happy little green guys. The kids had worked on this as an individual activity a few days prior but apparantly G was the only one whose efforts resulted in a completed trap. G peered in and then finally shook the trap. Ahhh shucks!!! No luck. The sneaky little leprechaun had not been lured in by the gold coin that G had used to bait her trap.

Green was the theme of the day, of course! Bagels with green cream cheese, green grapes, honeydew melon, and apple juice for snack :-)

How funny are these little hats that one of the moms brought in??

Everybody is a little bit Irish on St Patty's Day!

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