Saturday, January 21, 2012

Surf's Up!!!
We needed to go to Anaheim on an errand so totally last minute, as in while we were on the 40 minute drive, I called to see if we could make a ressie for a character meal. G loves characters!!! We'd never been to the one at Paradise Pier Hotel so we figured what the heck!!! We got there a little after 10am and the place was practically empty. Its a beach theme and they do these little dance sessions every half hour or so where all the kids go up and dance with the characters. As more evidence that G is gaining confidence she actually went up and did the dance. She had so much fun and really got into it.

The funny thing is that even though she's never seen the Lilo and Stitch movie she really took a liking to Stitch. I mean she LOVED him even though I think the only time she's ever seen him was inside of the Its a Small World ride. It was so cute and because the place was so empty she was able to spend a lot of time dancing with him, playing patty cake, and just goofing around. What a great experience! I guess you never know when a last minute thing will turn out to be such fun.

Hanging with Stitch, playing patty cake

So many hugs!

Dancing up a storm

Surfing with Stitch

A few dance moves with Mickey but she'd drop him like a hot potato a few seconds later when Stitch came back around :-)

Stitch pretended he was going to go home with us but he had to stop at the doorway

Group photo hanging ten

After lunch we hit the World of Disney store. G could spend her life in that store. In her defense it is an incredibly large store. We were able to drag her out eventually. Amazingly our day was only half over at that point... we still had a birthday party to go to! Fun, exhausting day with G.

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