Friday, January 20, 2012

CNY Preschool Style
G's school did their CNY celebration today, a few days early, because they have another big event planned for next week. Let's just say WOW! I was pretty impressed. The day started out with the pledge done by some of the kids in their traditional chinese dress. Georgie was very happy to be wearing her dress which she loves! Then they showed a very boring --to a 4 yr old but not so much to me --but thankfully very short video about CNY. After that we moved on to some songs and a nice CNY story read by the director.
After that we moved to G's classroom. Her teacher had some activities and then they had snack. It was a special day so they had donuts and chocolate milk. G passed on the milk though. I think I've done a pretty good job of convincing her that its bad :-) She requested plain instead.
Her teacher had a cute water painting activity. It was fortune cookie (at least that's what it was supposed to be) that she had written the kids' names on in wax crayon so when they painted it was revealed. G was quite tickled by such a simple thing.

"Look Mama!!! Its my name!!!"

Finally it was lunch time! Of course there was enough chinese cuisine to feed a small army. Let's just say "yummy!"

And then finally, the lion dancers arrived!!! Georgie loves them, just loves them! I was standing there and thinking about how good they were when all of a sudden I looked over at the drum guy and thought, hey! I know him. It was the same troupe who had been at the Huntington Library last weekend. So funny! Yeah ummm, no wonder they were good!

They did some lion dancing, a bit of martial arts and then they let the kids come up and be involved in the lion dance. I was excited because my timid little girl actually raised her hand when they asked for volunteers to do this. This may seem small to others but for G, who as always been so hesitant, it was HUGE! Her confidence level is growing and growing.

It was such a fun day! I can't believe how much CNY stuff we've done so far and the lunar new year has not even officially begun. More fun is on the horizon!

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