Friday, December 02, 2011

South Beach and home
Double waaaahhhh!! How could this happen? The last day??? Shoot! Bobby and I were totally bummed. G on the other hand woke up, looked over at me and said “mamabird, is today our going home day?” When she confirmed it was she said “yeaaahhhhh!!!!” I guess one of us was ready to go home.

Our hotel was only about 20 mins from the airport and our flight didn’t leave until almost 3pm so we thought we’d still try to have some fun! We got up, packed, went and ate our last included breakfast (super tasty btw) and off we went to South Beach. We’d been by there twice before but had never gotten out. I really didn’t think we could leave Miami without making a stop in South Beach. As it turned out we only had enough time to visit a few tshirt shops and pick up some last minute souvenirs but it was still fun. G loves, I mean LOVES, tshirt shops. She’s so my kid :-)

Two boring plane rides later we landed in Ontario and Brett picked us up. We were home!

G posing on the balcony. See? No seaweed on the beach because they just cleaned it up.
OK, there are things they have in Florida that I've never seen in California or anywhere else for that matter. For instance, you can buy a REAL gator head in just about any gift shop or CVS store. Its a real gator head.... yuck. And, they're not cheap $39.95 for a small one and up to like $200 for a larger one. What does one do with this once they get it home?

If you're not willing to shell out the big bucks for a gator head, you can get a dead shark in a jar for like $16.99.... gross! And its nice because the person who receives this wonderful trinket from you will be perfectly clear on the fact that this is a "SHARK".

I guess this sign on South Beach is supposed to make others back home feel jealous that you were nice and warm while they were freezing. But, I checked the weather at home and it was just about the same. Take that, South Beach!!!

And that concludes our latest adventure. What a fantastic, wonderful, stupendous, terrific trip it was! Alright, time to begin the countdown to our next vacation: 75 days = 1800 hours = 108,000 minutes = 6,480,000 seconds. Not that I'm paying close attention or anything :-)

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Jen said...

You guys take the best trips! Where to next?