Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mom's Birthday Tea!!
My mom's birthday was the day after we came home. In order to make sure that I didn't miss planning something, several months before we left I'd made a reservation for us to try a new-to-us tea house called "Two a Tea". Originally it was just going to be me and my mom which is always nice because we can talk uninterrupted. Unfortunately when we got home we learned that the owner of Bobby's company had passed away and the memorial was to be the same day as mom's bday celebration.

This was a pickle as this particular teahouse doesn't allow any children under 5. But I thought G was capable of doing it and would enjoy a little tea party. Plus everyone always thinks she's older anyway. So, I sat her down and explained to her what would be involved and what would be expected of her. Then I asked her what she thought and if she wanted to go. Well, not too surprisingly my little girlie girl thought a tea party sounded fantastico and she assured me that she would behave like a big girl.

Sure enough she was just as good as can be. She gave the tea a try but decided that she liked the "princess tea" aka lemonade much better. She particularly enjoyed the scones with cream and lemon curd. Mom and I got to chat a bit too. All in all it was a very nice afternoon!

G and her Grandma in front of the tea place. G was able to wear one of her dresses from the cruise and brought her dolly along --with matching dress --for fun.
I like that in this picture they're both laughing about something or other. Its so hard to get a picture of my mom smiling and looking happy. She hates having her picture taken. ((Hi mom)) Happy Birthday MOM!!! May you have many, many more!!!

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