Thursday, December 01, 2011

Miami Day 3
Our last full day in Miami… what to do?? I know!! More butterflies!! Butterfly World in Florida is in Coconut Creek about 30 mins north of where we were staying. Back on the toll road for us. South Florida is filled with toll roads. I’ve never been anyplace with more. Anyways, we’d just been to the butterfly place in St Marten so I wasn’t sure it would be too exciting. But, G likes butterflies so much we figured, eh, we’d give it a try.

Let’s just say, it was AWESOME!! There were tons of butterflies and not just typical, but beautiful, monarchs. There were many, many varieties. They were so beautifully colored and very special. It would seem like a person would get bored looking at and attempting to entice butterflies but we managed to spend a little over 2 hrs there. It’s very peaceful with soft music playing in the background. There’s also plenty of shade and places to sit. I half expected to see fairies flying around. The only negative thing I have to say is that it was a bit pricey. Fortunately G got in for free and we had a coupon so that helped.

That evening we went back to Giraffas for dinner. It was SO good the night before and I needed another $15 filet mignon fix. Yum!! We thought about doing something else but we had booked massages at the hotel for that evening so we wanted to get back. As an aside, we’re not generally massage people. But, the Groupon I’d purchased included two 50 min massages so we figured what the heck!

We got back to the hotel and decided we’d let G swim in the kids pool while Bobby got his massage then we’d switch off and I’d get mine. G had been eyeing that pool since we arrived so she was super excited. Bobby took off and then returned awhile later explaining that there had been a mix up with the scheduling and the girl had accidentally booked us for the following day. Of course, that wasn’t going to work for us because we were leaving in the morning. They said they could squeeze us in for a one hour facial and a 30 min massage. Bobby didn’t really care about a facial and he knew my neck had been killing me so he suggested that I do both. I was reluctant –for about 5 whole secs –then off I went. Lucky me!! By the time I got back to the room, Bobby had already given G a bath!

I think this picture might be one of my favorites ever. It just cracks me up. She's been doing this thumb's up thing for awhile. When we told her we were going to butterfly world she immediately decided she needed to wear her butterfly glasses. How could anyone not cherish this beautiful girl??
The required family photo

The butterflies were so beautiful and, again, incredibly difficult to photograph. I was able to get a few.

G spent a lot of time trying to coax the little bugs onto her finger or whatever. She was occasionally successful.

More beautiful bugs

The lorikeets were a big hit

Georgie loved this swing bridge

They had a bird aviary

The whole place was so pretty. It was a great place for photos

Finally Bobby and came across this fresh butterfly. Being brand new to butterfly-ness he was slow moving. Bobby was able to get him on his finger.

When he made a flight attempt he landed on Bobby's shoulder and then made his way up to his hat

Bobby sporting his temporary passenger

I think its one of the prettiest butterflies I've ever seen

He (she??) was our little buddy for about 1/2 hr

G found a stick and started having more sucess getting the butterflies to stick with her

All of a sudden it jumped up onto her flower top. She wasn't too thrilled as can be seen

She put on a brave face just for the camera

Later that day, G checked out the kids pool. She really liked that it was only like 2 ft deep!
Another great, great day!

Tomorrow: Homeward bound.

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