Monday, December 26, 2011

G's First Holiday Sing
Georgie's preschool is associated with and on the same property as the school that Brett and Casey went to from K-8th grade. The preschool was started when Casey was in the 4th grade, I think, so they never attended. Even though the preschool is separate, they've adopted many of the traditions that the "big kids school" has. One of those is the annual Holiday Sing.

The school is very diverse with families of all races, ethnicities and religions. It makes for an interesting mix and a more broad world view than I think a lot of kids get. Out of the 18 or so kids in G's age group (she has only 3-7 in her class on a daily basis) we have families that celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Los Posadas, and Ramadan. Throught the school year they do presentations of each culture's holidays that often include food, crafts, stories, books, music and dancing, etc. I really like it and have found the presentations and interaction with the families very educational over the years. Plus, its lots of fun because it seems like every day is another party!

Anyway, the final presentation before winter break is Christmas and on that same day they did the holiday program during which the kids sang 17 songs!! Let's just say that I had been super excited about the day for awhile. Seeing all the kids in their holiday clothes singing their little songs is just about the most adorable thing ever! Luckily --even though it was at 11am on a Thursday--Grandma, Brett, Casey and Daddy were able to make it. G loves to have her family around her and she was thrilled beyond belief that everyone was there to watch her. Neither Brett nor Casey had been back to the school for awhile so it was kind of fun for them too as they met up with a few of the teachers and staff who are still working there.

All in all it was a great kick off to the 2 week holiday vacation!

The school day was fairly unstructured. The kids had lots of playtime then it was party/snack. Because many religions are reprsented at the school, the kids to a general prayer before snack and lunch each day. G really likes it and says it at home before dinner sometimes as well.
"Help us do the things we should,
help us to be kind and good,
help us in our work and play,
to be more loving every day."
G love, Loved, LOVED!!! singing the songs. Each song had movements that went along with it (think mock sign language) and she seemed to do a good job at remembering them all. At the end of each song the audience applauded and each time G would look straight at us (proudly sitting in the very front row!) with this absolutely HUGE smile on her face. She must have asked me a dozen times after the show "were you proud of me mommy? when I sang my songs were you impressed?" Again, adorable!
Sadly, these pix are not the best

Ringing her bell along to "Jingle Bells"

Brett and Casey with Mrs Donaldson. She was their lower school music teacher when they were there. I think its fun to think that when G starts at FCDS, she'll probably have some of the same teachers that Brett had when he was in kinder 20 yrs earlier!

G was very proud to show her brothers her classroom

In front of the school Christmas tree at the end of the day.

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