Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day
finally arrived! In actuality it felt like it sneaked up on me. I don't think I've ever felt so unprepared leading up to the big day. I did most of my shopping in the few days before and didn't purchase any of the food until about 4pm Saturday. But, it came together just fine. I love how our tree came out this year. We don't have a theme or anything. We just use as many of our collected-over-the-years ornaments as we feel like hanging and then call it done. And, even though I felt like I'd purchased hardly any gifts, it certainly looks like there were plenty.
I used the timer on my camera to get this family photo...almost everyone is smiling :-)
G was a bit miffed that she didn't have a grinch shirt. Sadly they didn't have one in her size so we went with green fairy pj's instead. Note to self: next year, we all have to match exactly.Last year, since it was the first time G had seen the Nutcracker ballet I got her a nutcracker of Clara. This year I got her a teacher to represent her starting school. I hope to make it a tradition to get her one each year. G was thrilled to find out that cookies are a perfectly acceptable breakfast on Christmas morning!

As it turned out, one of G's favorite gifts was a very inexpensive Rapunzel music box. She loved watching the little doll spin. So cute!

G made us a gift at school. It was two ornaments for the tree. I just love that kind of stuff!

G's gotten pretty good at writing her name. No small feat considering how long it is.

The Case man

Bobby and G showing off their Lakers gear

G's big gift was this Rapunzel tower. I really went back and forth on getting it for her. The online reviews of it were bad complaining about the quality for the price. Truthfully, its not the greatest quality but G really, really LOVES Rapunzel and played with it a lot on Christmas day. I hope she continues to get use out of it. If not, maybe I can find some solace in the fact that I got it on a super sale.

My mom came over for the day

Bobby and I celebrating "Kiss-mas" with G

G with her blanket that Grandma Christie made for her. She loves it!

Brett with his Lakers gear... I guess it was really the year for Lakers stuff. Good thing they're finally playing ;-)

We were lucky to have sweet Talin join us for the day

Overall, it was a nice relaxing day at home. Opening gifts and eating breakfast took several hours. Not because there were so many gifts, but because we didn't have anything we had to do, we could just relax and let G go at her speed. In my opinion, it was the perfect Christmas day!

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VanillaRhumba said...

Awww.. anyone can tell that the party was a blast. happy birthday to your babay G and cheers to your beautiful family!;-)