Monday, October 17, 2011

Fire Dept Visit
Preschool is so much fun!! G's class had fire prevention week which was to culminate with a visit from the fire department. G was so excited. I mean really, truly excited about the fire truck coming to her school. All the kids were. Isn't it great when you're three, something so mundane is fantabulous???

There was an emergency which delayed the firemen's arrival by about 90 mins or so. But when they finally did arrive, the kids cheered!!! It was as if Santa himself was on site! Super fun. The firemen explained what to do if there was a fire, they talked about 911, and they passed out coloring books and sticker badges. Oh yeah!

Here's G getting ready for morning snack. BTW, omg my kid is a pokey puppy. All the other kids had eaten their pretzels and drank their juice and there my little one sat with a plate full of pretzels and a cup full of juice. I asked her if she wanted to be done, "no" she replied, "still working on it". Her teacher told me she is consistently the last one done with snack and lunch. Criminey.
While we waited for the firemen, G had a rip roaring good time collecting leaves from the playground. Some of the other kids joined in and eventually they were all running around like crazy people collecting every leaf they could find. What a fun activity!

Finally, the firemen were there. All the kids enjoyed getting to sit in the driver's seat!

Fun day!

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