Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cowgirl pix
My favorite photographer, Carol at Joseph Carroll Photography in Murrieta , does these special theme shoots every once in awhile. Her most recent was Vintage Cowboy. I thought it sounded fun and different. Different is important. We do LOTS of pix so I'm always looking for something different.

I found her a cute dress, western-styled but feminine, and a pair of boots and off we went! I really like Carol. She's calm and super nice. She's totally fine with me making a suggestion but I usually don't because she ALWAYS has a vision. G had tons of fun that day. She giggled and goofed around a bit. It seemed like it went well but you can never be too sure of these things until you actually see the results.

A week later, Carol posted some of the pix on her facebook page. OMG!!! Fantastic! I was blown away. Carol named this first one "Waiting" but I call it "The Thoughtful Cowgirl". Either way, awesome photo imo.
A smiley one.
Seriously, how beautiful is this little girl?

The only problem now will be choosing which ones to order. Ugh. Decisions, decisions...

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