Sunday, September 25, 2011

More fair
We had so much fun at the fair the weekend before we decided to do it again the following weekend. G had a good time the first time but explained that she didn't get to do "any fun stuff at the fair." What she meant is she hadn't gotten to go on any of the rides.

We spent another 5-6 hrs there without duplicating anything that we'd done the first time. I guess I'd kind of forgotten how huge the LA County Fair truly is. Its enormous! As always, G had lots of fun. She started out dressed in a shorts outfit but one of the vendors was selling these super cute cotton dresses and once G got a look at the pink princess one she was sold! Didn't take it off the rest of the day.

G loved this big reptile. I'm not exactly sure who was supposed to be watching it. G's normally pretty brave though. She hung out with the lizard for a long time and we only saw a couple other people during that time who would even get near it.

This is G holding a scorpion! She was totally fine with it at first until Bobby made some joke about it pinching her, then she got scared.

She was fine with mommy holding it

In the flower and garden building. I've always loved that building... so pretty.

And finally G got her rides!

This car ride was incredibly bouncy and jerky. It would have either snapped my neck or made me puke. Georgie loved it!! She rode it twice in a row and begged to ride again. Ugh. She just laughed and laughed.

The airplane was a much calmer ride.

It was another really big day at the fair. Bobby and I agreed that, for sure, we don't need to go anymore this year and maybe not even next year ;-)

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