Saturday, September 17, 2011

Its official, she's a preschooler
Summer school had gone so well that I had high hopes that the first day of "real" preschool would also go well. We got up early, had a little breakfast, put the apple outfit on and off we went! G was happy on the way, listening to her music and chattering at me about the things we were bringing to school. We got there and she had a HUGE smile on her face. She was thrilled with her teacher, her little friends, you name it! Again, what a relief. All the parents stayed for about 30 mins and watched them say the pledge (G got the wrong hand again, oops =). They did the calendar, sang a song or two, and then the teacher "suggested" that we all leave. Then off I went. I had to go to work anyway. As will be usual, Bobby picked her up. She had a GREAT day! She loves her school so much. So cute.

G all dressed up and ready to go!
With Mrs Davis who is possibly the nicest teacher in the whole world
Happy girl and a happy mama

Carpet time. Georgiana got a big smile on her face when Mrs Davis complimented her on having her hands in her lap... then all the kids put their hands in their laps too... darling!

Saying the pledge. By this time Mrs Davis had switched G's little hands. Only 10 mins into class and already learning =)

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