Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The saga of my groupons continues... I bought one for a beach photography thing awhile back and time was running out. The location, Aliso Beach in Laguna was gorgeous, really beautiful. I'd never been before but we'll definitely be going back. The photo thing was just ok. G was her normal uncooperatively cooperative self but once the words "say cheese" came out of the photog's mouth I lost all confidence. We'll see. Seriously, who trains these people??? The good news is, Georgie had a lot of fun getting the pix done and then playing in the sand.

I don't think I've ever known a kid who liked the beach more than G. She just loves digging in the sand, running from the water, chasing seagulls and "saving" or imprisoning any little bug that may come into her reach.

Bobby always seems to make these sand sculptures. Lately it seems G wants to be buried in them. She's such a goof!

Even though we'd done the pix and then let G play on the beach for a couple hours, it was still only 11:30 am when we left to go to our next stop. Busy, busy, busy day.

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