Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wiggle Time
I said it was a big weekend! Saturday circus, Sunday the Wiggles. So much fun! Jeff wasn't there. He's sick, heart trouble apparantly. He had to have a pacemaker implanted! I guess the Wiggles just aren't as young as they used to be. Poor Jeff. They had a fill in, Brad. Ehh, I dunno. "Wake up BRAD!!!!" just doesn't have the same ring as "Wake up JEFF!" but he tried hard. Supposedly Jeff is going to be back on tour in the near future. Anyway, it was a really good show. Georgie didn't really dance but she sang along to the songs and did lots of the hand movements and stuff. She was most happy when Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags were onstage... the are really cute.

Some people were super organized and brought bones for Wags and flowers for Dorothy. We managed to bring a sign this time but we messed up and didn't have her name on it. Live and learn. The guys came out into the audience and I majorly mammarazzi'd by jumping in front of them with G in my arms for photos! Yes, I admit, I am THAT crazy mom. You have to be pretty assertive and kind of quick if you want photos with the guys because once people see that they will stop for photos.... it gets crazy FAST! Sadly, Captain Feathersword didn't come down our side... G loves him!!! but we were able to get a few others.

We were at Gibson in Universal so afterward we caught a quick bite at Bubba Gumps. This was only the second time we've been there. It really is tasty! Then off to home. G feel asleep in the car... poor little wiggler, she was zonked!

We were really only a little early but the theater was still empty. Kind of neat!
G waving her sign in anticipation! I actually almost forgot about the sign. I put this together about 10 mins before we left.
G's usual pre-show snack: an uncrustable, chips, and a juice box. Three things that G is normally NEVER able to have. Sometimes I think G's favorite part of our outings is the snacks!

Not the greatest pic of any of us but you only get one chance at a picture with a Wiggle!

With Anthony! Definitely our best Wiggle picture!

Wiggle Sam tried to slip by me but HAH!!! I got him by saying "please, please" and subtley (at least I thought it was quite subtle) impeding his progress. Too bad G's not looking at the camera but its a really good pic of Bobby

Waving our sign!!

Waiting for our table at Bubba Gumps. How cute is G with her little pink shades!

G with the shrimp... I guess he's the Bubba Gump mascot. Funny! They sell little 3-4" stuffed versions inside the store for $5 each. I couldn't imagine even a single person wanting one and yet, there they were!

Awesome weekend!

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