Monday, August 15, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!
This weekend was big... on Saturday we went to the circus. As usual, G was excited about our outing. Honestly, she almost always is. She kept talking about the clowns and seeing giraffes. I told her many times I did not think we'd be seeing giraffes at the circus but I don't think she believed me. Oh well.

So, of course we had a cute circus set. I really loved this one. Super cute and super comfy. G was a tad disappointed that it wasn't a dress and would therefore not be "twirly" but got over it quickly when I told her she could wear her blue flip flops with it. A girl after my own heart, she does love her flips!

Off to the circus we went. Just like last year they offered a pre-show where you get to go down onto the arena floor and interact with the clowns, etc. Even though G was crazy excited about the clowns, when we got there she got kind of weird. She didn't really want to do any of the activities and just wanted to sit on my lap. I think sometimes crowded places, especially those new to her, stress her out a bit. After awhile she did happy up though and by the time the show started she was totally into it.

She loved the elephants (who doesn't really?) and the clowns. She was particularly happy that she got to have popcorn. Uh no, I did not buy it there. The prices of the concessions shock me: single scoop snow cone $10, lemonade $10, cotton candy $10, box popcorn $8!!! Instead I brought in a single pack of micro popcorn in a ziplock. Total cost about 60 cents. Unsurprisingly, there were no giraffes. But, G seemed to have forgotten all about it :-)

This is G pre-show doing her standard dance moves!

With the first clown... what a little sour puss.

Again perturbed. I love the clown's expression though... he's totally mimicing G. LOL!

Not 1 minute later, G had finally decided that she was ready to be smiley. What a little goof ball!At the end of the show, GURLZ!

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