Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney Days!
What do you do when the babysitter says she's taking a mid-week day off??? Go to Disney, of course! G wore her Toy Story outfit from last year seen HERE. She's grown so much it was hard to believe it was still wearable 14 mos later! Each time we go do DL we tend to have a focus for the day... this time it was rides! G isn't tall enough or brave enough to hit the headliners so we stuck to Storybook Boats, Carousel, Toon Town Coaster (which G always begs to ride then seconds into the experience starts whining "I don't like it"), Rockets, etc. We finally added Roger Rabbit to her list. We've almost been on it a few times but the line is dark and its always freaked her out a bit so we'd wait a bit then have to leave. This time, total success and she liked the ride to boot!

Georgie was able to get lots of rides in before we had to make a mad dash for lunch at the Disneyland Hotel. G loves characters and its pleasant to sit and have a nice meal. There are only a 5 character meals available at DL so we're working our way through them. The DL hotel offers Goofy's Kitchen. It was your standard decent breakfast/brunch fare with lots of characters. G was hungry so at first she was a little more focused on the food than the characters. We saw Goofy (of course), Mad Hatter, Chip and Dale, Pluto, Aurora, and Baloo!

I really enjoy taking G to disney by myself. Its nice to spend the time together, just the two of us, doing something that she enjoys so much. But it can also be difficult. Not to mention that when we go I like to try to get there at opening which means leaving our house at 6:45!!! Needless to say, it was a great day but by the time lunch was over, G and I were both really tired. Time to head home.

Since G was wearing her Toy Story outfit and seemed like we needed a pic in front of the Buzz picture. G's usually up for the opportunity to striker her pose :-)
This lighthouse thing is in front of the Storybook Boat ride --the one with all the miniatures. G is absolutely fascinated by this lighthouse and its slightly ajar door. Each time we go she asks over and over again "mamabird, who lives there?" "mamabird, where are they" "mamabird, why is the door open" and "mamabird, can I go inside?" I always tell her I'm not sure who lives there and ask her what she thinks but she never really gives much of an answer. Its the kind of thing that I, as an adult, walk right by without much thought. But to her 3.5 yr old mind, its quite a mystery... exactly what the DISigners had in mind no doubt.
Overlooking ToonTown. G loves this area of the park. She could spend hours, even days, exploring Mickey and Minnie's houses, Goofy's house and Donald's boat. It amazes me that she never really tires of it. I usually try to find a relatively comfie place to sit and watch her run around.

G always rides the carousel. I've gotten better at being on it with her. They used to make me sick.

One of G's adorable expressions that are super hard to catch. I got lucky this time even if it is a bit out of focus.

Trying to pull out King Arthur's sword. I've never seen anyone pull it out but apparantly it does happen.

The thing I enjoy most about having the passes is that I never feel like we have to hurry around so we can get our money's worth. So, if G wants to spend 45 mins in the petting zoo, she can. There's no way I'd be OK with that if we'd spent $80 per day to be there.

Georgie loves the petting zoo and always focuses on a single goat to heap her love onto!

We ended up having just enough time to ride Pooh and then get through the character line before going to lunch. It involved some very fast walking on my part but we made it.I'm not sure what G thought was so funny... maybe that Tigger put her autograph book on his nose to sign??

I love Eeyore!

At Goofy's Kitchen

The Hatter was really funny!

Baloo from Jungle Book. G really likes this character but has never seen the movie.... maybe cuz he looks cuddly?

With Aurora... the princess with three names. Chip and Dale. I asked one of them if we could do a picture with both together and he said "no". I thought that was kind of odd but whatever.

This giant Mickey is in front of the DL hotel. G was fascinated by it and really wanted me to take her picture with it. We had a to wait for a few people to take their pix before we got our chance. The funny thing is that I bet all day long people climb up on the mickey thing for their pix... all of us completely ignoring the "please don't climb on mickey" sign posted at his feet. Ah well, what can you do?

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