Saturday, July 02, 2011

Red, white and cute!
So, it finally happened, I missed a month of pictures :-( I knew it would eventually happen of course. I had really good intentions and even a planned outfit but then the month got away from me. Yes, I could have redeemed myself right there at the end. But, July4th was coming up so quickly I thought, ugh I'll skip it. Bad mamarazzi, bad!!

Anyway, July 4th is just too cute a photo op to pass up so here we go. Btw, G has become an absolute rock star at the photo studio! She poses and smiles and takes direction really well. As the photog was taking the pix she suddenly turned sideways then said "one, two, three" and flipped her head forward to stare into the camera!! Well, um, ok then.

After the pix were complete they had me view them on the computers. Normally, G ignores this part instead taking the opportunity to ask me every few seconds for a drink or a snack or to tell me that she sees a birdie outside. Not this time. This time she sat up in the chair next to me and looked at her pix. As we went through the slide shows she got super excited at each shot saying things like "oh my gosh, that's so beautiful" or "that one is so cute!" while pulling her hands to her chest or covering her mouth in a genteel way. I so wish I could have gotten it on the camcorder it was hysterical!

Anyway, here's the result. Pretty fantastic imo. The shop agreed and asked if they could put them up on one of their wall displays. Sure! I think I'll take G in a few days and see if they ended up doing so. G would get a kick out of that!

This first one I call American Mermaid. Its such a pretty picture of her. I think she looks very elegant and mature but mermaid-ish.
It looks like she's saying Uncle Sam wants YOU! But really she was pointing at me saying "you're my bestie mama"
Her All American Girl photo

This one is very similar to the mermaid pic but I love that in this one she has that big beautiful smile on her face!

G loves having her picture taken while she lying on the floor. I don't know why. Little goof.

She was also wearing the MOST adorable red, white and blue gymbo flip flops but, alas, they did not make it into any of the photos. Bummer.

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Tanya said...

My favorite is the all american girl picture. She's beautiful in all of them though.