Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer School
The preschool that G will be attending in the fall offered a 4 week summer school program. We thought it would be a great intro to the school so we signed her up. We talked it up, read Llama Llama Misses Mama regularly, got her a bright pink Rapunzel lunchbox and then counted down the days.

Well the day finally arrived! G woke up and the first words out of her mouth were "Am I going to school today Mama?" When I confirmed that it was, she got a HUGE smile on her face and squealed "YEAHHH, I'm so excited! I'm so excited about my school!!" over and over. We packed up her lunch which included a butterfly-shaped turkey sandwich, dressed her head to toe in pink and off we went! G chattered with enthusiasm all the way there. She confirmed numerous times that I would be dropping her off and Daddy would be picking her up as well as her plans to get a treat from Daddy later. Truthfully she sounded a bit nervous and since G has had some separation anxiety issues in the past, I was pretty sure this day was not going to end without some tears.

We went in, found her cubbie (where we deposited her beloved lunchbox) and went to check out the playground. G looked around a bit then it was time to go in for carpet time. All the kids were so cute! They went through what must be the usual morning ritual of pledge of allegiance, calendar, counting to 20 in spanish, songs and a story. G had never done the pledge but gave it her all by slinging her left hand up on to her right shoulder (so funny). During the 15-20 mins or so that it took to accomplish these tasks G must have turned around to look at me 50 times. Each time she had this enormous smile on her face. Once she even gave me a thumb's up!!!

After that it was time for me to go. G gave me lots of hugs and kisses then finally said "Love you mama!" blew me a kiss and then cheerfully followed her teacher into another one of the classrooms! I couldn't believe it. I was so, so, so happy. I had been about 99% sure she was going to meltdown but she didn't. I must admit the morning was not tear free --I found myself shedding a few in the car on my way to work for two reasons: first, the sheer relief that G had not cried and second, my wistfulness at the realization that G is getting older. I wish I could make it go just a bit more slowly.

Later in the afternoon, Bobby picked her up and the called me right away with G on speaker. She had a great day! Hopefully this is the first of many happy school days for Georgie.

Ready to go!
Almost there!
G was super excited about her cubbie :-)

Carpet time. The theme for the program is Master Chefs which means that each day they make something like trail mix or muffins or whatever. This appeals to G because as anyone who knows her is aware, she likes to eat! The first week they're learning about grains so they read a book about how bread is made. Kind of interesting actually.

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