Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cars 2
I had originally gotten tix to take G to the show on opening day but had to change it. The next available day was July 3 which was kind of a bummer because of heat and general crowd issues over the holiday weekend. As it turned out, it was as almost as hot as the hinges of hell. I say almost because last year when we went to see Toy Story 3 it actually was as hot as the hinges of hell so I had something to compare it too. The crowds were there but it was no big deal at all.

The movie was cute and I thought quite funny! G liked the action but most of the jokes went right over her head. The animated Toy Story pre-movie short was actually very funny... Barbie and Ken and the toys recreating a hawaiian vacation. G must have been awfully tired though cuz she fell asleep for the last 15 mins or so. Ahhh.

Anyway, afterward they had a Cars 2 carnival type thing set up across the street. Just like the Toy Story one it was on what appeared to be the football field for hollywood high school. Super neat little rides, photo ops, lego car build/race, giant slide --which G was too short to ride :-( , themed playground area, etc.

G loved it! It was pretty fun even though it was hot!

I try to get one of these pix in front of the sign each time we go. Sometimes I do them on our way in which is nice because there are fewer people. If I wait until after its CROWDED.
Here's a pic of the entrance to the carnival. Its pretty neat! One good thing, it can never get overly crowded because only one theater's worth of people are in there at a time. When the next movie ends, they kick everybody out.

G kept squinting for all the pix (bad mommy forgot her shades) so I let her wear mine. She loved it, me not so much. I've worn sunglasses religiously for so long, I get headaches without them. This is G and Bobby in front of the fake gasoline cans from the movie.

One of the activities was painting on a car. G really liked it. She loves paint anyway and how often do you get to paint on a car?? G was the first person in this session to paint on the car.

This was the car at the end of the 2 hr session.
This was the thing G was most excited about, the bungie. It also had the longest line, completely in the sun, on the blacktop. Ugh. It really was hot. But any wait would have been worth the enjoyment G got from doing it. I was concerned at first that she wouldn't really get it. She is sometimes so gentle and tentative that she doesn't really get into things. But, we were pleasantly surprised to see that G jumped super high and had a great time!

They had replicas of all the scenes from the movie. In the back of this one is the Eiffel Tower.

G and me at the top of the lego car race track. Our car self destructed about 1/2 way down the track :-(

More photo ops with the cars from the movieThey had this really cute bike race track set up. I tried to get G to do it when we first got there (there were 3 people in line) but G wsn't interested. Later, when the line had stretched to say, 30 people, she was dying to get on there. Ummm, ok.

G has a bit of a competitive spirit. She really likes to win and will talk about it over and over again later "I won, huh mommy?" " the other kids lost, huh mommy?" "I beat them up, huh mommy?" She always says "beat them up" for "beat" its pretty funny. So, when she crossed the finish line first she explained to us many times that she'd won. She didn't seem to recognize that she started about a minute ahead of the other kids... she won, that's what mattered to her :-)

In the background, Big Ben

With Mater

Lightening McQueen

On the way out we took our traditional photo in front of the soda fountain.

Another fun day!

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