Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July 4th
Casey was at school, Brett was spending the day with a friend. We really didn't know what to do. We started out the day by going to visit G's pictures at the photo place. After we had her July pix done they asked me to sign a release so they could put them up on the wall. G really liked it!

Then we hit a local july 4th celebration. It was HOT! but they did have crafts, free watermelon, a pony ride and a petting zoo! G loves petting zoos. This one was rather interesting because it had goats (of course) plus pot bellied pigs, chickens, rabbits, and a cow! G spent lots of time in there. I mean lots. Like at least an hour. It was possibly the greatest $3 I've ever spent.

After that we grabbed a I'm-taking-a-weekend-off-of-calorie-counting lunch at McD's then came home and had a nap. Woke up, did some swimming, BBQ, and bath. By that time it had gotten just dark enough to let G do her sparklers. Oddly enough we're having this really weird monsoon weather and it started to rain. G didn't care. She just stood under the eaves and kept on sparkling! On the way to bed we watched a few professional fireworks shows from the upstairs windows. G was interested for about 10 mins then said "mama, I want to go to bed" Poor little thing. We wore her out.

Here's G at the photo studio.
Doing one of her famous poses at the 4th of july celebration
Pony ride

The big thrill, the petting zoo! She started with bunnies.

Then moved on to pigs. They had two baby pigs. All the kids tried to pick them up and hold them but the pigs were having none of it. They'd squeal and screech until they were put back down. But G is very gentle with animals and quite calm. She pet the pig for awhile and we were able to get it into her lap where she stroked its ear and talked to it and finally, the little pig fell asleep! So cute. G was in heaven holding her little pig and then petting the goats that would come around and chew on the hem of her dress.

G finally decided to put the pig down and moved on to the chickens! She decided mama needed to hold one too.

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