Saturday, June 25, 2011

Faerie Day
I love fairies! Not too surprisingly this has managed to rub off on G. My favorite photographer happened to be having a fairy day at her studio and I thought FUN! It was a great afternoon. They had little crafts, lunch, Titania Queen of the Fairies, music and they took lots and lots of pictures. The more professional pix won't be available for a few weeks but I was able to snap a few of my own.

This is G at the ballet shoe decorating area. All the helpers were dressed in costume.
G hard at work decorating her pointe shoe with markers, glue and flowers

G gave the harp a strum. Honestly, she didn't seem too impressed :-)

Titania Queen of the Fairies. You can't tell from my crappy pic but her costume was gorgeous. Surprisingly, she also had a very nice singing voice.

Telling fairy secrets...

G chose to have her painting done on her arm "flowers with leaves, please"

She loved it!!

Fairy princess on her throne

I love her goofy little smile

What a cute little event!

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