Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Big Girl Bed
A few months ago, I was thinking that it was time for G to move up to a big girl bed. She'd been sleeping in the crib since she came home. Well, not a crib exactly because we'd taken one of the sides off about 6 mos ago creating sort of a toddler bed. So, we went off to the kids furniture store and checked out what they had. G liked climbing around on the beds and bouncing but when I suggested to her that maybe she should have a big girl bed she shook her head and clearly said "no, I don't want a big girl bed mommy. I like my bed" and she looked very sad :-( So we scrapped that idea for the time being.

Then, a couple weeks ago, we mentioned the idea of the big girl bed to her again. What a difference a few months make! She was super excited this time. We didn't want to waste any time so we decided to go back to the kids furniture store right away. We found a super cute white iron head/foot board set that I think is darling in her room. Other than a new pillow and some sheets we didn't need anything else because all her bedding including duvet cover, decorator pillows, shams, dust ruffle and quilt had been sitting in bobby's closet for years! I bought matching stuff at the same time I bought the crib set --long before we even met G--so I wouldn't have to re-paint her room in just a year or two.

G was thrilled! She still doesn't sleep all night in her room although it does seem to be improving some. And, she doesn't like to sleep under the covers preferring to lay on top of her blanket with no covers instead. I don't know how she's not cold!

It was a little sad. Moving to a big girl bed is definitely a sign that she's really not a "baby" anymore. Although I wish I could keep her little forever, I guess its just not possible. Darn it all.

Here's the bed, fully made. It probably won't look like this too often!
G loves the heart and butterfly pillows!G seemed really proud of herself

So smiley!

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