Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mr MacGregor's Garden Easter activities started with a return trip to the LA Arboretum for their Beatrix Potter in the Garden event. We did it last year and G enjoyed it so much we thought we'd give it another try. There were lots of crafts, a petting zoo or sorts, the always impressive peacocks and a yummy brunch! The peacocks are so beautiful. G was better with them this year. She was able to move to be more patient and not run toward them so they stayed around a little longer.
G getting ready for the egg hunt with only one thing on her mind... get the GOLDEN egg!
The huntress
Success!! She found the gold! She did have a bit of help from mommy and daddy. We suggested looking in the deep grass and it worked! She received a sticker book from the gift shop for her efforts.
More peacock pictures. I wish I was a better photographer.
In the craft building G made a bunny ear headband, tissue paper flowers, a boo boo bunny from a washcloth, and other fun things.

Ahhh, a sweet little bunny rabbit!
I never get tired of looking at her beautiful and sweet little face

With Peter. G asked me to tell her the Peter Rabbit story several times during lunch while we waited for Peter to arrive

As we were getting ready to leave we came across this bird. His feathers were closed but then, all of a sudden he spread. He spent several minutes giving the gathered crowd a show turning slowly from side to side every 30 secs or so. He was very proud.

At the petting zoo they had tortoises including a huge one that G decided she was afraid of.G just loved the ducklings and baby chicks. I did too. They were so cute!

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Jen said...

Could she get any cuter? Love the bunny face! :)