Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Bunny!
Finally G got to see the big furry guy. Things started out a bit rocky. We got there a few mins early but the bunny was late. Ok. Then, the camera wasn't working and we had to wait about 15 mins for them to fix it... hmm, ok. Then, the little girl in front of us was a crier. This always stresses G out a bit. She's ok if its just for a second but the girl was crying and fussing for a good bit while they were trying to fix the camera so G started to get kind of quiet and nervous. But finally, camera was fixed, crying girl had moved on and it was our turn. As luck would have it, G happied right up and turned on the charm!!! Yeah!! I think the pix came out super cute :-) During the visit we were also able to confirm that Bunny would prefer 2 carrots over 1 and stems left on rather than chopped off. G told him she'd leave them in the living room for him. So even if the pix wouldn't have turned out super cute, the trip would have been productive just for clarification of the logistics ;-) G's giving him a kiss on the nose. She's such a sweet little girl.

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Jen said...

I'm so impressed that she'll do that! My Emma would not even think about it!