Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lucky Mommy Easter Party
I've written before that we're fortunate to belong to a small but awesome group of families that have adopted from china. One of the moms, Michelle, was kind enough to host a party for the kids that included an egg hunt, games and lunch! G was quiet but had a really good time and the moms all got to hang out and talk about mom stuff. Great afternoon!

Here's the group from left to right: Becky, Ryan, Sophie, Gracie, Katie, Kyle, and Georgie! I'll admit its not the greatest pic but at least they'll all stand together now, that's progress.
G with her customized egg hunt bucket and ready for the hunt
G liked the egg on a spoon thing.

Smiley girl finally

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Karen said...

She did GREAT at the spoon egg race! What fun to see you both on Saturday - so glad you could make it!