Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eve/Morn
Saturday night we stopped by the store to pick up carrots for the bunny (two with stems as Bunny had advised us earlier in the week was his preference). G put them on the bunny plate (yes, we own a bunny plate lol!) in the living room and decided to leave her bunny picture she'd made a few days earlier because she decided Bunny would be interested. Who wouldn't be? We were set! Well, at least she was. After she went to bed Bobby and I had to spend about an hour cleaning up to ensure a good easter morning hunting experience. Messy houses do not make for good egg hunts.

G woke up her normal bright and early the next morning but Bobby was able to convince her to stay in bed with us for awhile before we went to see what bunny had brought. I'm not sure how he did it because I was snoozing but hooray for Daddy! Once downstairs G made quick time of picking up the eggs then sorting through them all to get the candy. Then she had some "breakfast" aka candy while she played with the eggs some more. It was a nice morning!

Posing with the bunny enticements
Laughing like a hyena at something funny daddy said
Coming down the stairs the next morning

Loading up her bucket for the second time. Fortunately Bunny only put one starburst in each egg so even though there were 50 eggs the candy situation isn't too bad.

Posing again, this time with her haul

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