Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Art!
It wouldn't be easter without some colored eggs, right? G's a bit older now so I figured we were ready to move up to something a little more advanced. I came across this little dye set that included paint rollers that I thought would appeal to her. Boy was I right! G loved it. Being a persnickety little thing she was a bit weirded out by the paint getting onto her hands at first but after a moment or so she decided it would "wash off and be OK, mommy." Once she came to that conclusion, there was no stopping her!!

The funny things about the eggs in our house is that other than decorate them they serve no other purpose. Every once in awhile we might eat one but the bunny only hides plastic so... we color, we fridge and then in a few days I toss. Seems so wasteful but I guess the fun is worth a dozen eggs!G takes her egg decorating VERY seriously as you can seeThe hands of an artiste!
I think they turned out really pretty. G with the finished productG has gotten really good at using scissors. Of course it doesn't hurt that she practices about an hour a day. The kid really, really loves to cut stuff up. Lots of times we just give her some notebook paper, a few pens and a pencil and she's entertained forever! This time she asked me to draw a bunny. I'm no artist but I managed a crude outline for her on some pink paper. Within a few minutes she'd cut it out, drawn in the details of the face and whiskers and then glued it to the background paper. Other than having to tape on one small piece on the top of bunny's head I thought she did a great job!!!

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