Sunday, April 24, 2011

The boys had other stuff going on so it was just the three of us and my mom for Easter day. It was so nice last year we decided to go to the Mission Inn again for brunch. Unusual for Easter in SoCal, it was cloudy and a bit misty which some may have seen as a bummer but I saw as the perfect photo weather! And, there are few places prettier than the Mission Inn for photos anyway so I was in hog heaven. You can see more pictures of this truly gorgeous hotel here.

The dress G is wearing might my favorite one ever. The pearl and jeweled detail is just gorgeous and the skirt is so full and crisp that the dress will actually stand up on its own hahaha!!! I had another dress chosen for her but when I saw this one it called out to me. It didn't hurt that it was actually really cheap yeah!! A true princess dress for my very lovely little princess.

The food --eggs benedict, shrimp, crab legs, fresh strawberries and whipped cream and tasty desserts --was awesome of course. G liked the talking parrots and the bunnies passing out baskets and eggs to the kids. It was nice!

You can see the parrots in the background. We got them to say quite a few things: good girl, hello, bye-bye. G was thrilled!

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