Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Run, run, as fast as you can...
you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man." Interestingly enough, that line was not in the Gingerbread Man play. Odd, right?? This was G's second in the children's series at the local theater and was super well done. The set was this big two story thing--fantastic and really impressive I thought for the local children's theater.

The story all took place on a kitchen counter where Salt, Pepper, Mrs Tea Bag, and Cuckoo (as in the bird from the clock) tried to save the Gingerbread Man from being eaten by the evil Mr Squeak the mouse and recovering the cuckoo bird's "cuckoo". It was interactive occasionally asking the kids in audience for advice and encouraging the kids to scream "ahhh!!!" and say "shoo, shoo" to the mouse to frighten him back into the wall. Super cute show!

Unfortunately I'd forgotten my camera for G's first theatrical experience but didn't make that same mistake twice! I was so glad because G really wanted to get her pix taken with the cast and get autographs in her program.

This was in the afternoon of the dance class saturday so G is still in her tutu! Here she is getting ready for the show.
Afterward with the Gingerbread Man. This guy was incredibly agile. For the first part of the play he was supposed to be still warm from the oven and very flexible.
G getting her autographs.
Here's the cuckoo bird. He spoke with a german accent, too funny!
With Mr Squeak, the mouse. He was sort of a gangster mouse. G was actually a bit afraid of him during the show but didn't seem to mind once it was over.
With Salt. Sadly, I must have forgotten to get a pic of G with Pepper. I'm not sure why but Salt was kind of like Popeye.
This is G with Mrs Tea Bag who was mean because she had no friends. She yelled a lot in the show and this actually weirded G out quite a bit. She's not used to being around anyone yelling. Luckily Mrs Tea Bag got nice later and G decided she wasn't "bad" anymore. G is very sensitive to anyone mean or anything scary. I always call her my little fraidy cat.
Overall, really a fun outing. I love that we have the children's program in our town. So far the productions have been well done and, as a bonus, its only 5 mins from our house!!!

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