Friday, February 18, 2011

Vday 2011
I'm running a few days behind, I know ;-) Valentine's Day was super nice this year. Bobby left me a fun little surprise on my dressing area counter. So cute!!!
As soon as I saw it I ran for my camera and kept saying "georgie, don't touch it, don't touch it". She really wanted to touch it as you can see:
I had to work that day but G was super excited about going to the sitter for their Valentine Party. OMG she was thrilled! We made simple valentines this year from blank red and white note cards. G got to put stickers on them and stamp "Happy Valentine's Day" on the inside. We made up little bags with bubbles and sweet hearts. G's super "particular" when she does little crafts. In this instance "particular" means slow :-) so we got started on them the week before. Each morning of that week before the party she'd walk by them and say "today's Valentine's Day mommy??" Needless to say, when the answer was finally yes, it was a GOOD day!

G wore this super cute set I picked up from Walmart of all places just after Christmas for like $4 each for the top and skirt. Just add leggings and Perfect! And yeah, it was still hot here so pink flip flops were in order.

That day, Bobby had a dozen beautiful red roses sent to my office. I know some people think flowers are silly and wasteful but I love them!!! They smell so good! Then that night, the three of us went to our current fav sushi place for dinner.
It was a great day!

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