Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dance class!
I've been thinking about signing G up for dance class for awhile. I finally found a place that seemed low key enough and has a class at 8am saturday mornings! Yes, I know, for most people that sounds like absolute hell but for me, it seems great! Get up early, get the class out of the way and move on with the rest of the day. I talked it up to G a little and she seemed pretty excited about the free trial class but I really had no idea if she'd participate or not. She's funny sometimes. But guess what? She really liked it. She stood in line, listened to the teacher (sort of) and made an attempt to do what she was shown. After the class was over we signed her up and went off to the dance supply store to purchase tap shoes, ballet shoes, two tutu/leotard sets and, of course, matching hair accessories! Oh yeah, G was happy!!

Hopefully she continues to enjoy it long enough to make our tutu investment worthwhile!

I think they're stretching or something here.
Standing on the line, listening to teacher.
I think she's supposed to be doing a falap here. I don't think she got the concept. Oh well, plenty of time for that.
I was glad to see the teacher grab her little foot and show her what she wanted her to do.
After class she showed me her "ballerina pose" ahhh, so cute!!!

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