Friday, February 04, 2011

Night on the town
Last Sunday was the second in our Pantages series. This time it was a show called Traces. It wasn't actually at the Pantages either, it was at a theater around the corner called the Ricardo Montalban. Yeah, the Fantasy Island guy. Weird, I know.

Anyway, I found what sounded like a neat little place to do a pre-show dinner The Kung Pao Kitty. Cool name right. Yeah, closed. Bummer. It was getting kind of late so we thought we'd just drive over by the theater and find someplace there. On the way my mom noticed a place that said "crepes" and it looked crowded. Good sign, let's go. In true Hollyweird style, they had valet parking which cost us $2. It was the restaurants own parking lot and the "valet" drove our car exactly 20 feet. Ok, whatever. Anyway it was an odd little place called Solar de Cahuenga. I guess it was trendy??? Everybody there was in their 20s, drinking coffee and surfing the net on their Macs. Not a PC in sight, jus apple. There was even a little room in the back with cushions on the floor where people could just lay around... ummm, ok.

But the food was good!!! My mom had a crepe and I had a pannini. Yum!!! There was actually a pretty extensive menu. Even though I felt a little like an interloper from rural Wisconsin while there, I'd probably go back cuz the food was tasty.

The show was like an urban non-glitzy Cirque du Soleil. Seven performers that did dancing, acroabatics and music using unusual props like chairs, basketballs, skate boards, and a giant metal hoop. After each segment of the show I had the exact same thought "huh, that was odd." Don't get me wrong, the show was very enjoyable and the performers are obviously very talented individuals but who comes up with this stuff?

So between the funny little coffee flophouse and the very bizarre show it was a super odd night. Good but odd.

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