Saturday, February 05, 2011

Disney, again...
The weather is so nice and we've had nothing to do the last couple fridays so, heck, disneyland here we come! We get there at opening and move pretty quickly through the park. G wanted to start out with the fairies. It was too early for Tink but Silvermist was there and G was thrilled.
This is G in Minnie's house. A fridge filled with cheese! G can hang out in the Mickey and Minnie houses for a very LONG time.
I wish I had video here. G is saying "No pictures please" apparantly I was distracting her from holding the door open or looking at the cheese or something. The paparazzi can be so annoying.
They were doing a Lunar New Year thing. G was a bit tired and got into little snit but was still pretty excited about seeing Mulan and Mushu.
Mickey and Minnie in red silks

Checking in with Cruela on the way out of the park!

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