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Mommy Daughter Princess Day!
G loves princesses and is constantly putting on her princess costumes to twirl around the house. Its really cute. I thought it would be fun to take her to the Disneyland Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for her birthday for a princess makeover. Originally Bobby was going to go too but ended up having to work. So it was just us gurlz!

I didn't tell her we were going in advance because I'd decided that if the weather didn't cooperate we weren't going to go. Finally the morning had arrived, the weather was supposed to be pretty good and the decision was made.

Me: "good morning sunshine!"

G: (groggy) "good morning sunshine. are you going to stay home with me today?"

Me: "yes, mommy gets to stay home with you today. do you want to do something fun?"

G: (yawning) "yeah"

Me: "would you like to go to Mickey Mouse's house?"

G: (a little more enthusiastic) "yeah!"

Me: "would you like to go to the princess boutique?"

G: (really getting excited here) "yeah!!"

Me: "should we go right now?"

G: (jumping from bed) "yeah!!!"

and off we went!

The BBB (bibbidi bobbidi boutique) is super cute. I'd considered having G do it this past summer when we were at disney world but decided we just didn't have enough time. Plus it seemed like something to do for an occasion. G went in and was greeted by her FGIT (fairy godmother in training) who showed her all the different dresses they sell there. They have them all cindy, jasmine, tink, you name it. We have quite a few princess outfits so I'd kind of primed G to pick Belle and made a point to tell our FGIT that belle was my preference. Thankfully, G picked Belle. Yeah!!! They told a little story about how the mice would make one just her size and leave it for her. Truthfully, G didn't seem to really be paying much attention to the story. (Later in the day, she retold he story to me over and over though so she really was paying attention). Then they take you back to the dressing room where they continued with the story and had her say the magic words "bibbidi bobbidi boo!" pull back the curtain and there was the dress and shoes!!! G like that! She was thrilled to put her little dress and "princess flip flops" on.

After that they took her to makeover section and she chose her preferred hairstyle. G chose the classic princess-- hair pulled back in a bun with more gel, hairspray and glitter than even seemed possible. Then she got to choose a tiara and a fancy ring! She really liked that. The makeover continued with a light application of eye shadow, blusher and some tinted lip gloss. A small crystal butterfly on her cheek was the finishing touch. G was in heaven. They were supposed to do nail polish too but apparantly they were out. I was a bit bummed because G loves to have her nails painted but she didn't seem to mind at all.

After the makeover was complete they turned her around and pulled back the curtains that hid the mirror for the big reveal. They did this with quite a bit of pomp and circumstance and announced the introduction of "Princess Georgiana" G was very pleased with the results! I was too actually. I thought she looked really beautiful and the makeup was fairly subtle and acceptable for a little girl costume imo.

After that they took us into a little photo studio area in the back where they did some photopass shots in a pretty little coach. It was really cute and G was so happy. It was so much fun to watch her. I could tell she really felt like a princess!

After the boutique we went over to Disney Calif Adventure (DCA) where we had reservations for the Ariel's Grotto princess lunch. The food was actually good --table service rather than buffet which was nice. G loved seeing the princesses and they were all so sweet to her. Not surprisingly, Belle gave her some extra special attention which G really enjoyed.

Although I've been to Disneyland probably 100 times in my life (I grew up in Anaheim) I hadn't been in at least 15 yrs and I'd never been to DCA. Its actually really torn up right now because they're redoing it but we found some fun things to do. G loved walking around in her princess outfit. She was super happy and kept telling me over and over "I love you mommy." We just went at her speed and spent our time doing what she wanted to do. At one point we were walking over a bridge and she noticed there were ducks in the water. She was very happy just to stand and stare at the ducks for a few mins. We rode a few rides in the Its a Bug's Life area, went on the huge Mickey Mouse ferris wheel (non swinging car), took some pix with the characters and we were done. It was a really big day and G crashed hard in the car on the way home.

It was a fantastic day! Really great. I can't think of a better way to have spent G's 3rd birthday.

The BBB right behind the castle. The castle btw is super tiny compared to the one at WDW. Never realized that before.
Stained glass window of the original Fairy Godmother
G had completed her shopping for Belle stuff and was wondering what would happen next
The magic worked!! The mice created Georgie's very own princess costume!
G's princess flip flops. I was shocked she walked around all day in these. She really liked them!
Getting her princess hairSee? Her hair had so much gel and spray in it that it stood straight upShowing off her crown jewels. G chose purple for both the ring and the tiara. Big surprise NOT! Getting her makeup done. Again, G chose purple eyeshadow and lip gloss.
My shots from the photo room... the printed photopass ones the photog took look a lot better
In the coach
In front of her castle
At Ariel's Grotto waiting for our name to be called. G was standing there doing her little poses an started to draw a crowd. G didn't even seem to notice people looking at her. She was in her own little fantasy world.
I love this pic of G with her doing her little pose! She does this kind of stuff all the time. Its really cute. G took one look at the giant mickey mouse ferris wheel and said "I want to ride that one, mommy!!" I'm fairly acrophobic but could I say no to the princess? No way. It was actually very pleasant. G wasn't one bit afraid.
With Ariel at the princess lunch. The professional photo turned out much better. I had to buy it!
With Snow White
With Cindy who asked G something about how "their" fairy godmother was doing since she had obviously spent the morning at the castle. Cute!
And Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) who we'd actually run into just outside the BBB. It was a different girl but G didn't notice.
The two Belles... the cast member was very kind to G and spent a lot of time with her. It was very sweet!
The Girls!!!!
Her birthday brownie. The waiters sang. So cute!
In addition to the brownie the lunch came with this dessert plate. G's eyes nearly popped out of her head when they brought it. My girl loves her sweets! After she had a taste of everything I had to ask the waitress to take the plate away otherwise G would have wanted to eat the whole thing!
Pretty little princess.
G really liked the Green Army Man from Toy Story. He actually twirled her a few times in a little dance and asked her about her ring, etc.
On the carousel. My little sweetie couldn't wipe the smile from her face.
On top of the world, literally, on the ferris wheel. G loved that she could see the cars and the houses.
Since I told G that morning that we were going to Mickey Mouse's house, it was nice to run into him near the end of the day.
And finally with Pluto who is one of G's favorite characters.

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