Saturday, December 04, 2010

As everyone who knows Georgie is aware, she loves princesses! This time, its the newest princess, Rapunzel. Since its a Disney movie El Capitan had an event which included a pre-movie stage show with Micky, Minnie and lots of princesses and a post-movie tea party attended by none other than Rapunzel herself!

G loved her Rapunzel dress and I threw together a silk flower garland for her hair the night
before. She was so cute driving to the theater, she was super excited about seeing Rapunzel or as G says "Ree-punzill."

The movie itself was cute. Typical disney good guys, bad guys and doe-eyed female lead. The fact that Rapunzel believed her abductor to be her mother was a little disturbing to my adult mind but G was completely unaffected by it. In fact, she totally got it, and later in the day referred to Mother Gothel as "the witch." During the movie she giggled and laughed and when Rapunzel was sad my sweet girl commented "ahh, she's sad but I think she'll get happy in a minute."

The tea party was cute. G mostly ate the sweets! She got to hang out with Rapunzel for a few minutes during which she spent quite a bit of time showing Rapunzel her light up wand. G really likes that wand. She dragged it around her with for the rest of day almost lost it a couple times.

Awesome day!

This is the official G with Rapunzel photo
Menu from the tea party
G discussing her wand and the movie with the newest princess
I'm not sure if you can see it or not but they have a rapunzel tower with the characters on the right side above the el capitan sign. I'm not sure my pix to it justice, it was super cute! I really wanted to get a picture of G and Bobby in front of the sign but, in true Hollywood style, we had to wait a few minutes for security to subdue some crazy guy who was ranting and raving on the street. I think you can still see the security guys in the photo to the left behind G. That's what all those people were standing around looking at.

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