Sunday, December 05, 2010

Santa Stop
The season is upon us. I'd heard that Bass Pro Shops had a nice santa and that you hardly had to wait to see him. Apparantly the big man was to be available at noon today. Sooooo, at about 11:30 we headed on down there to beat the rush. Uh, yeah, no. Seriously, I think there must have been 100 people in line and santa wasn't even going to be there for another half hour. They do give you a "fastpass" to come back an hour and half later. Not quite long enough to go back home, just a little too long to wander around the store without starting to go a bit nuts.

Anyway, we did stay and ended up buying a few things --can't imagine those smart people at Bass hadn't thought that might happen LOL!!! --and then got back in the "fastpass" line. Still waited another 30 mins or so. We left there at about 1:15. If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm really not. G had a lot of fun.

They had a coloring table which kept G happy for like 1/2 an hour. We looked at the giant fish tank and the animals --I couldn't figure out and kind of didn't want to know whether or not they were taxidermy. I was hoping they're fake. I'm sticking with that thought and will be putting my fingers in my ears if anyone tries to tell me different. Lalalalalalala.

As always, G loved Santa. She ran to him, hugged him. I have no idea what she told him she wanted. Earlier she told me that she was going to ask for a Rapunzel doll, and a stuffed bear, giraffe and frog. Oddly, she already has a those stuffies but whatev's.

After that, she got her candy cane and we were good to go... finally. We'll be seeing Santa a few more times this month so this was good practice :-)

G in front of the store
Coloring her little mask. G loves to color. She kept saying "look at all the colors I'm using mommy!"
Modeling the result of all her hard work
Finally made it to the man
Ahhh, so cute!

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